Christian Meditation is being taught in prison in many parts of the world and in the UK. Those who bring the teaching to prisoners feel it is a special grace and privilege and prisoners report how powerfully it helps them to transform the negative and oppressive aspects of their life into a new liberty of spirit.

Experience has shown that meditation in prison is more sustainable for inmates if it is introduced as part of a pre-existing program such as Bible studies or restorative spiritual programs. By sharing their prison meditation experiences and by encouraging the inmates to do the same, WCCM members can create a network that strengthens everyone’s personal meditation practice.

The UK outreach activities engage people who have been prisoners and those now working with them exploring how the teaching of meditation can both restore justice at the inner and outer levels and help individuals regain their inner balance and wholeness in preparation for a return to ordinary society. 

In addition, a number of regular Christian Meditation groups are run within prison settings.

For more information and support, please contact our Coordinator for prisons, Geoff Waterhouse.

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A newsletter, Libero, publishes the letters of inmate meditators around the world to encourage those struggling with meditation in prison and inform those on the outside of the challenges of meditating in prison. Click to read the Libero Newsletter