True seekers and travellers into the realms of spirit will inevitably discover that at the heart of any serious spiritual tradition there exists a deep, inner path which is contemplative in nature.   Within the contemplative core, there are also recognised stages of spiritual life and growth which the traveller encounters, and is hopefully helped to embrace, as their journey of pilgrimage to the centre continues.

In this respect, contemplation, or meditation, is very far from being just a Christian thing - it is the essential key to all deep and true spirituality and the ultimate answer to all unreality. To quote Rowan Williams, 'To learn contemplative practice is to learn what we need to live truthfully, honestly and lovingly - and is therefore a deeply revolutionary matter'.

Christian spirituality has its own treasure store and its own particular path of contemplative practice. To meditate in the Christian tradition is a surprisingly ancient practice and it will certainly transform us. Christian Meditation takes us on the transformative path of Love which allows God to be God, and by letting go of the (egoic) 'self' - the prayer of Christ comes alive in me. Amazingly, it is within this very dynamic that I discover my deepest and truest self.

The simple (but not easy) daily discipline of faithfully reciting our mantra, in silence and stillness, leads us surely and safely into the deepest realms of God, our faith and ourselves. Beyond words and the constructs of our mind, to a place of deep surrender which eventually becomes our calling.  Not to a place of dialogue, but to a place of union with God. Surely, this is the goal of all our discipleship?

The founder of the World Community for Christian Meditation, John Main, said that 'meditation takes us to that place where mystery is known and knows us'. When we sit down to meditate each day, we are not alone, but part of a vast cosmic communion, where the silent, effortless radiance of deep being ensures the most powerful action - in ourselves and within all creation.

So, if you are a serious spiritual seeker, plumb the depths of the well with your meditation practice and discover the deep springs of living water at their source - give it a try!

Jayne MacGregor